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STARSkate Frequently Asked Questions


Which STARSkate level should skaters register in?

Skate Canada assesses skaters using various testing criteria.  The Moose Jaw Skating Club uses these levels to ensure that skaters of similar skills are on the ice at the same time. The following breakdown is used to determine skater registrations:

  • Bronze sessions - working on Star 1 or 2 freeskate              
  • Silver sessions - working on Star 3, 4, or 5 freeskate
  • Gold sessions - working on Star 6 or up freeskate, or over the age of 13
  • Competitive session - competing at Sectionals or Winter Classic in Pre-Juvenile, Juvenile, Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior, or Senior categories


How will training and coaching work in the STARSkate program?

It will depend on which type of session your child is skating on.  During Team Training sessions, coaches will be assigned to the various levels of skaters (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) by the Skating Director.  The ratio of skaters to coaches will be no more than 10:1. Skaters rotate from one coach to another during their one hour lesson and therefor receive a full hour of coaching. Skaters tend to progress quickly in this environment. The registration fee covers all coaching costs during Team Training sessions.

On Open session, skaters can expect a combination of private coaching and self-directed practice.  Skaters will be assigned a coach by the Skating Director.  This coach will usually give a 15 minute lesson to the skater at some time during the Open session.  The coach will charge the skater directly for that lesson. Fees will vary, based on the coaching level and experience of the coach. It is important for parents to meet with the coach to understand the payment schedule and to participate in setting goals for the skating season.









What should I do if my skater is sick or will miss a session?

Please contact our Skating Director or your skater's coach when your child is sick. Preferably, you can email or text coaches directly.  If you have not yet exchanged contact information with your coach, you can email the club at (please give as much advance notice as possible, so we can forward the information to the coaches in a timely fashion).


What should I expect for costs when my skater participates in STARSkate?

Depending on how often your child skates, whether they test or enter competitions, the following highlights some of the possible feed to participate in the STARSkate program:

  • Skate Canada annual fee
  • skates, accessories (i.e. guards, blade covers, skate bag, skating attire)
  • session ice costs and and additional time
  • coaching costs (lessons, competitions, test days)
  • test fees
  • skating costumes/dresses
  • ice show costume
  • music fees to mix and burn CDs for solo music
  • off-ice fees for skating conditioning classes
  • travel and accommodation, for some competitions (skater and coach)


What is the role of the parent?

Understand the development of the athlete: Parents are the most important supports for the athlete through the ups and downs of the sport. Sometimes skaters reach plateaus or experience a downturn in skills due to growth or injury.  Parents can help skaters maintain realistic expectations and maintain balance in all aspects of their lives.
Understand the structure and the programs of Skate Canada and the Section: Skate Canada is the guiding body for the sport. To make organization and administration easier, Skate Canada is divided into 10 Sections equivalent to the Canadian provinces. It is important that parents make informed decisions with their skater and coach about appropriate competitive training programs, participation in competitions, and participation in programs that are offered by the Section or Skate Canada.
Be supportive of the progress of the athlete: Skaters and coaches are always in need of moral support, particularly when technical development is progressing slowly.  Though progress may not always be visible, skaters and coaches are always working together towards that next skill level.  Parents can help support their skater through those more tedious times, as well as celebrating the big advancements in performance.
Communicate regularly with the coach and skater: Communication is key!  Parents should encourage the skater to share his or her daily training experiences.  Also, it is a great idea to arrange a regular time for discussion with your skater's coach.  Ensure that you book a time well in advance, as coaches will not be able to devote the necessary time or energy when they are leaving the ice surface or at the arena after a session. Coaches and skaters should never be interrupted during an on ice session.  If you need assistance with contacting your child's coach, feel free to contact a board member or email


I don't understand what my skater is doing out there.  How do I learn more?

Great skaters have great skating parents. The best way to support your skater is to learn more about the sport, to become a strong part of the skater-coach-parent triangle. Figure skating is a jargon-filled sport; ask other parents, read online, speak with a coach.  You will then be able to cheer the success, console the disappointments, and help build your athlete.  Feel free to ask board members to help you learn more about the sport - you have a right to know!


What are these skating elements that I keep hearing about?

It takes time to learn to recognize the various skills and elements that your athlete is learning to perform.  Skate Canada has an excellent series of videos that show demonstrations of the various skills that each Star level has to complete.


I usually skate with another club, but I would like to buy on to sessions with MJSC.  How do I do that?

Skaters from other clubs are welcome to buy on to Open Sessions at the non-member rate, as per the terms and conditions. If a non-club coach wishes to coach on that session, please make the request in writing to at least 30 days in advance of the skating date, to ensure that the board of directors has time to consider the request.

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